Tips and Tricks for SEO


Once you are a bit more familiar with SEO content creation then you can begin to implement some of the best tips and tricks into your articles or blogs. Having this knowledge alone will make your creative content more lucrative for you as most who pay for SEO articles also pay a bit more for those experienced in it. So after reading SEO Content 101 now you have a good idea of WHY SEO, now lets find a few ways to ‘spruce’ it up!


Use your headings on articles if you are given the freedom to do so. Not only are they easy on the eyes but they also offer what is known to a web crawler as a variation. Anything that offers a variation from the norm, from a web crawlers standpoint, will also get more ‘attention’. Try to remember to use your headings fully by making sure the actual topic, issue or keyword is in the title or subtitle of an article or blog. Instead of using the title Race Horses, it would be better if it was on topic to say Race Horses Headed to the Kentucky Derby! Always be as specific as possible with your headings without abusing the character count.


.Jpgs,.gifs,.tiff, or any type of pictures that you may upload to a blog or put into a doc file for your client to, can always be used as an extra boost for your content by renaming them to relevant keywords. I know it may seem like too much, but instead of putting the picture of this months race horse up and naming it STORMY after the horse, put up the picture of the horse, and rename it RACEHORSESTORMY. Believe it or not, often people may find sites from following a picture, instead of an actual link. Those familiar with deep research or researching rare topics have likely used this strategy. So when you name the picture this way, you have the phrase Race horse in there. Good news if you are blogging for a race horse site we were in the headings example.

Try to think like Google

What words will you have to type into Google to direct you to the site you are writing or posting for? Again the obvious ones on the same horse racing topic are, horses, horse racing, racing. But there are many more words that would help a seeker find your site on Horse Racing. They would be Kentucky derby, horse breeding, betting on horses, trifecta and etc. It would be okay to use the tag horse racing equipment on a horse racing site as well. Whenever you are given the opportunity to choose categories or tags such as in WordPress, you should always think of as many ways you can to add keywords that may lead a reader to your site. Regardless of how much you think it would matter.

Title Tag

When you use WordPress or other bloggers to post to, it will ask you to enter the title tag. Make sure the title tag is EXACTLY what the title is. This is a tried and true way that has been tested and found successful in moving up your article, site or blog in the rankings.

Go Bold

Use bold to highlight your subtopics or subtitles. No do not go around slapping a bold on every word you think is important, and do NOT bold a subtitle or topic unless the keyword or keyword phrase is within the title.

Let the Words Flow Smoothly

Some people can misinterpret an SEO article or blog with it requiring technical information or fact listing information. Although it is perfectly understandable that you may have to write a technical SEO article or blog when you are working a freelance writer position that requires this style of writing, it is not a regular occurrence to have any specific topic of any kind requested for SEO content. You can write an SEO article or blog about anything from candy and toys to horse races and IT help. Any topic or keyword can be put into SEO form. Do not assume because someone has these requirements that they desire stiff or statistical format in their article. Make sure your article or blog still flows smoothly, includes an introduction, the body of the work and the exit or conclusion of the content.